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What is the Abbreviation for New York?
The two digit state code or abbreviation of New York (NY) known as the "Empire State". New York has 62 counties, and the capital of the State is Albany.


The two digit state code or abbreviation of New York is determined by taking the 'Initial Letter of 2 words' of the State's name.  The two letter, no-period state abbreviation of NY is recommended by the U.S. Postal Service and should always be used where a ZIP code follows. The purpose of introducing the NY Abbreviation for New York was to make room for ZIP codes in the mailing addresses. There was no attempt to standardize the format of the abbreviations which is why they are usually memorized.

Map of New York


AP State Abbreviation
The AP State Abbreviations, the old State Abbreviations, are still in use. The AP State Abbreviation for New York is:


The Associated Press (AP) style of abbreviation, the old style, is still used by journalists and business people. As some two digit state codes are determined from the first and last letter of the old abbreviation they are important to those learning about the abbreviations of the US States.

New York - (NY) - N.Y.

Map showing location of New York in USA

Where is New York? (NY)

The State of New York is located in the north east United States.


Abbreviation of New York - Two Digit State Code Rules
There is no standard format to the State Abbreviations. It's therefore not surprising that you needed to know "What is the Abbreviation for New York?  The rules to determine the state acronym, or abbreviation is by the 'First Two Letters', the 'First and Last Letter', the 'Initial Letter of 2 words' and those determined by the 'First and Last Letter of the Old Abbreviation'.

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New York Abbreviation (NY)

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New York - (NY) - N.Y.
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Abbreviation (NY)

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