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The New Jersey State Flag
The distinctive buff (light yellow-brown) color of the State Flag of New Jersey depicts the coat of arms on the state seal. The top image of a horse's head is the New Jersey state animal. The two female figures are Lady Liberty and Ceres, the Roman goddess agriculture. The flag serves as a symbol of honor, heritage and regional pride and is displayed at state buildings. There is a strict Order of Precedence for flags. State Flags are displayed in order as they entered the Union.

Ratified the Constitution in 1787
New Jersey is the 3rd state
Date the flag was adopted:1896


Facts on the New Jersey State Flag Etiquette
Facts and information about flying the ensign and the display of the New Jersey Flag:

New Jersey State Flag - Display Facts
Fact 1: It may be flown every day in the 3rd state when weather permits
Fact 2: It may be flown from sunrise until sunset. If it is displayed outdoors in the "Garden State", it should be flown from a flagpole

Fact 3: The New Jersey flag may be flown at night when properly lighted

Fact 4: The flagpole must be at least two and one-half times as long as the flag

New Jersey State Flag

Picture of New Jersey Flag


New Jersey State Car Flags
Car Flags are often displayed to represent of an individual's allegiance to their state. New Jersey State car flags are used by their owners as mobile emblems of their home. Car flags are usually made from strong materials and are attached to a car via a pole and clip window attachment.

History, Description, Colors and Symbols of the New Jersey State Flag
The New Jersey flag is the official identifying symbol of the state, the design of which is established by law in the constitution of the "Garden State". What does the flag stand for? The colors, devices and emblems displayed on the New Jersey State Flag are not arbitrary but have a definite symbolic meaning. The description, history and meaning of the symbols and colors of the New Jersey State Flag are as follows:

Picture of New Jersey Flag

Capital: Trenton
Date of Statehood: 18 December 1787
(3rd state)
"Garden State"
Flag Ratio: 2:3

Enlargeed picture New Jersey state flag

What is the design of the New Jersey state flag?  
 The design is a field of buff containing an image of the Coat of Arms and seal of New Jersey
What does the horse symbolize?
 The horse head symbolizes strength, virility and speed and is the New Jersey state animal. The horse is also a symbol for loyalty and devotion and readiness to serve the country
What do the images of the female figures symbolize?
 The female figures depict the Lady Liberty on your left, holding a spear topped by the liberty cap. The other figure depicts Ceres, the Roman Goddess of Agriculture and abundance holding a cornucopia (horn of plenty) overflowing with food
What does the helmet symbolize?
 The gold, barred front facing helmet (a symbol of royalty in heraldry) is an emblem of sovereignty for a state that governs itself.
What do the three plows on the shield symbolize?
 The three plows represent the importance of agriculture to the state
What are the colors and what do the colors mean, or symbolize, in heraldry?
 The color blue symbolizes vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice
 The color yellow or gold is a symbol of the sun, generosity and wealth
What is the shape and flag ratio? The 'Hoist' is the width and the 'Fly' is the length.
 The ratio is 2:3 meaning it is 2 units tall for every 3 units wide.
Who designed the New Jersey State Flag?

The name of the designer coat of arms and the seal that feature on the flag was Pierre Eugene du Simitiere

What is the history of the New Jersey State Flag? 
 1777: The coat of arms was designed in 1777 by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere
 1777:  The design and use can be traced back to New Jersey Regiments mustered for the Revolutionary War
 General George Washington directed that the coats of the soldiers should be dark blue faced with buff. The colors Dark Blue (Jersey Blue) and Buff were the colors of the Netherlands and chosen in honor of the first Dutch colonists
When was the New Jersey Flag officially adopted by the state's legislature? (Most US flags were designed in 19th & 20th centuries)
 It was officially adopted January 15, 1896
The New Jersey flag is kept and used as required by the code specified in the constitution of the state.

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