Hawaii State Motto

Motto and Nickname

The Hawaii State Motto
The Hawaii motto is expressed in Hawaiian as "Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono". It was adopted in 1959 and means:

"The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness"

The Meaning of the Hawaii State Motto
The meaning of this famous motto relates to the words reputedly spoken by both Queen Ke'opuolani when she was baptized in 1825 and then by King Kamehameha III on July 31, 1843, the day Hawaii was restored back to the Hawaiian sovereignty by Queen Victoria.

"The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness"



The Hawaii State Nickname
The Hawaii Motto is complimented by a less formal, popular Hawaii nickname which, combined with the motto, are highly descriptive of the people, the geography and the history of the state. The names used as nicknames are:

Hawaii State Nickname List
Official Nickname: Aloha
Pineapple State
Rainbow State
Paradise of the Pacific & the Youngest State

George Washington

The Origin and Meaning of the Hawaii Nicknames
The history, origin and meaning of each of the state's nicknames are as follows:

The Aloha State
The official nickname alludes to the word Aloha which means peace, affection, compassion and mercy. Aloha is now commonly used a greeting to say hello. 

The Pineapple State
The Pineapple reference is self explanatory, pienapples are abundant and play a major role in the Hawaiian economy

The Rainbow State
Rainbows are incredibly frequent and common in Hawaii. Beautiful rainbows appear on a daily basis. The Wailuku River State Park is home to the 80-foot Waianuene (Rainbow Falls)

Paradise of the Pacific
The Paradise of the Pacific is an apt name for the most beautiful island of the Pacific.

The Youngest State
The official nickname alludes to statehood - it is the youngest and 50th state of the USA.


The Constitution of Hawaii
The constitution of Hawaii establishes the basic rights of its citizens and echoes the words and sentiments of the motto. The preamble (opening) of the constitution is as follows:

"We, the people of the State of Hawaii, grateful for Divine Guidance, and mindful of our Hawaiian heritage, reaffirm our belief in a government of the people, by the people and for the people, and with an understanding heart toward all peoples of the earth do hereby ordain and establish this constitution for the State of Hawaii."

Preamble of the Constitution of Hawaii


Hawaii State Motto for Kids

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Abraham Lincoln

Hawaii State Motto and Nickname for Kids

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