Idaho State Motto

Motto and Nickname

The Idaho State Motto
The Idaho motto was adopted in 1891 and is expressed in Latin as "Esto perpetua" which means:

"Let it be perpetual"

The Meaning of the Idaho State Motto
The meaning of this famous motto was inspired by Pietro Sarpi (1522-1623) who was an Italian theologian and mathematician from Venice. His last words were: "Esto perpetua", meaning: "Mayest thou (Venice) endure forever". The motto is therefore translated either as  "It is perpetuated" or "It is forever". The American citizens who live in, or who come from Idaho, are referred to as Idahoans.

"Let it be perpetual"


The Idaho State Nickname
The Idaho Motto is complimented by a less formal, popular Idaho nickname which, combined with the motto, are highly descriptive of the people, the geography and the history of the state. The names used as nicknames are:

Idaho State Nickname List
Official Nickname: Gem State or Gem of the Mountains
The Spud State
Little Ida (short for Idaho)

George Washington

The Origin and Meaning of the Idaho Nicknames
The history, origin and meaning of each of the state's nicknames are as follows:

Gem State or Gem of the Mountains
The official nickname Gem of the Mountains is to due to its abundance of natural resources including gold, silver, copper and lead together with beautiful gemstones such as star garnets, opal, jasper, jade, topaz and tourmaline.

The Spud State
The word 'Spud' is an informal term, or slang, for a potato which are abundant in Idaho. The origin of the term is a spade-like tool with a narrow blade that is used for digging.

.Little Ida
Little Ida is an affectionate name and alludes to the relatively small size of the region.


The Constitution of Idaho
The constitution of Idaho establishes the basic rights of its citizens and echoes the words and sentiments of the motto. The preamble (opening) of the constitution is as follows:

"We, the people of the State of Idaho, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings and promote our common welfare do establish this Constitution."

Preamble of the Constitution of Idaho


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Idaho State Motto and Nickname for Kids

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