Louisiana State Motto

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The Louisiana State Motto
The Louisiana motto was adopted on April 30, 1902 and is:

"Union, justice, and confidence"

The Meaning of the Louisiana State Motto
The meaning of this famous motto reflects the three words considered by the residents to be most important aspects of statehood. William Wright Heard (1900 - 1904), the 33rd Governor of Louisiana, emphasised the importance of thee words during his term in office when he was involved in the design of the Great Seal of Louisiana. People who live in or come from Louisiana are called Louisianians or Louisianans.

"Union, justice, and confidence"



The Louisiana State Nickname
The Louisiana Motto is complimented by a less formal, popular Louisiana nickname which, combined with the motto, are highly descriptive of the people, the geography and the history of the state. The names used as nicknames are:

Louisiana State Nickname
Official Nickname: Pelican State
Bayou, Sugar and Creole State
Child of the Mississippi
The Holland of America
Sportsman's Paradise

George Washington


The Origin and Meaning of the Louisiana Nicknames
The history, origin and meaning of each of the Louisiana nicknames are as follows:

The Pelican State
The official nickname alludes to the abundance of Pelicans, the state bird, found along the coast of Louisiana. The Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) is the smallest of the pelican species but still can grow as long as 5 feet (or 1.5 m) with wingspans as wide as 8 feet (or 2.5 m). It feeds by diving into the water. The pelican is prominently featured on the flag of Louisiana.

The Bayou State
The Bayou nickname refers to the many lowlands in the region that are rich in bayous. A bayou is a waterway, such as a creek or small river, that is a tributary of a larger body of water.

The Sugar State
A major agricultural crop in the region is sugarcane. Sugarcane is a tall grass (Saccharum officinarum) that grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions, and has a stout, jointed stalk that constitutes the chief source of sugar.

The Child of the Mississippi
The Child of the Mississippi is a direct reference to the land produced from the build up of silt deposited by the Mississippi River.

The Holland of America
The Holland of America is a reference to the waterways of America. The great Louisiana Purchase of 1803 cost of $15.000.000 and it was partly financed by The Amsterdam based Hope Bank. The original receipt still exists and is currently property of the Dutch ING Group, in Amsterdam.

The Sportsman's Paradise
The Sportsman's Paradise refers to the many sporting activities available in the region such as fishing, hunting and trapping. Other sports favored in the region are  football, horse racing, golf and baseball.


The Constitution of Louisiana
The constitution of Louisiana establishes the basic rights of its citizens and echoes the words and sentiments of the motto. The preamble (opening) of the constitution is as follows:

"We, the people of Louisiana, grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political, economic, and religious liberties we enjoy, and desiring to protect individual rights to life, liberty, and property; afford opportunity for the fullest development of the individual; assure equality of rights; promote the health, safety, education, and welfare of the people; maintain a representative and orderly government; ensure domestic tranquility; provide for the common defense; and secure the blessings of freedom and justice to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution."


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Louisiana State Motto and Nickname for Kids

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