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The Massachusetts State Seal
The Great Seal of the State of Massachusetts serves as a symbol of authenticity which verifies that government documents and papers of state are official and legal in the "Bay State". The Massachusetts state seal is also an emblem that is representative of the state's origins, history, character and ideals. The spirit of the state is reflected in the Massachusetts state motto::

"By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty"

The Massachusetts seal identifies government buildings and officials and is a centerpiece for the Massachusetts flag. Interesting facts on the Massachusetts State Seal for Kids.

Massachusetts State Seal


Facts on the Massachusetts State Seal
The symbolism, history and emblems of the Massachusetts State Seal are described in this article with fast facts and information. The men who designed the Great State seals were educated in the classics and were knowledgeable of art history and symbolism of heraldry. Fast, fun facts about the history and design of the Massachusetts Seal:

Massachusetts State Seal Facts
Fact 1: First adopted on December 13, 1780 and approved by Governor John Hancock
Fact 2: Designer of current version was Edmund Henry Garrett (18531929) an American artist
Fact 3: Officially adopted in 1885

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Description, Symbols, Icons and Emblems of the Massachusetts State Seal
Massachusetts officially uses the name "Commonwealth" emphasizing that they have a "government based on the common consent of the people" as opposed to government legitimized through their earlier royal colony status of Great Britain. The description and meaning of the symbols, icons and emblems on the Massachusetts State seal are as follows:

The coat of arms of the Commonwealth are encircled with the words, "Sigillum Reipublicae Massachusettensis" meaning Seal of the Republic of Massachusetts

Above the shield is the state military crest that depicts a bent arm holding a broadsword. The sword has its blade up reflecting s the feelings of the patriots of Massachusetts leading up to and during the fierce conflict of the War of Independence (17751783).
Around the shield is a blue banner signifying the Blue Hills of Canton and Milton. The banner holds the motto of the state
The shield depicts an Algonquin Native American with a long bow in one hand an arrow in the other.
The Native American Indians who lived in Massachusetts and who spoke the Algonquian language included the Wampanoag, Massachusett, Nipmuck, Pennacook, Passamaquoddy, and Quinnipiac tribes.
The single arrow is pointed downward symbolized peace. (Two arrows depicted together were the symbol for war.)
The Native American holds a long bow. Different types and sizes of bows and arrows were designed for hunting and for fighting. Long bows were commonly used for hunting purposes. The fighting  bows for horseback riders were smaller than those used on foot to allow for maximum manoeuvrability.
The white five-pointed star displayed is a symbol of the unity of all things and the essence of the life force. The star also symbolizes the state's admission as the 6th US State.
The Massachusetts seal is kept and used as required by the Constitution and laws of the state.

The Massachusetts Seal of 1876
This is a flyer depicting the 1876 design of the seal. The pictures surrounding it are interesting as they depict the lifestyle of the early inhabitants of the state. A Native American Indian wearing the distinctive headdress made of porcupine quills and feathers gazes at Europeans arriving in sailing ships. The other image depicts a farmer with a running patriot in the distance holding a rifle. Interesting facts and information about the Massachusetts State Seal for Kids


Massachusetts State Seal for Kids

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Massachusetts State Seal for Kids

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