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The Tennessee State Seal
The Great Seal of the State official Tennessee serves as a symbol of authenticity which verifies that government documents and papers of state are official and legal in the "Volunteer State". The Tennessee seal is also an emblem that is representative of the state's origins, history, character and ideals. The following motto, reflecting the spirit of the state, is also incorporated in the Tennessee seal:

"Agriculture and commerce"

The Tennessee state seal identifies government buildings and officials. The symbolism, history and emblems of the seal are described in this article with fast facts and information.

Tennessee State Seal


Facts on the Tennessee State Seal
The men who designed the Great State seals were educated in the classics and were knowledgeable of art history and symbolism of heraldry. Fast, fun facts about the history and design of the Tennessee State Seal:

Tennessee State Seal Facts
Fact 1: Tennessee was the 16th state to enter the Union in 1796 and this date is prominent in the design
Fact 2: The design was not undertaken until 25 September, 1801
Fact 3: The design was updated in 1987

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Description, Symbols, Icons and Emblems of the Tennessee State Seal
The description and meaning of the symbols, icons and emblems are as follows:

The Roman numerals XVI, representing Tennessee as the 16th state to enter the United States, is found at the top of the Tennessee State Seal.
The word "Agriculture" underlines the images that emphasize the importance of farming industries to the economy. The images are a plow, a bundle of wheat, a cotton plant and a barn
The lower half of the seal has the word "Commerce" underneath the image of a  flat-bottomed-riverboat.

Flatboats or 'Flats' were flat-bottomed boats without keels that navigated the Mississippi, Cumberland, and Tennessee Rivers. They were important forms of transportation carrying produce to markets throughout the state and preceded the steamboats

The cargo transported on flatboats included corn, whiskey, furs, flour, fruit and vegetable and pork. When they reached their destination boatmen dismantled their flat and sold it for lumber and often the crew walked home
The Tennessee State Seal is kept and used as required by the Constitution and laws of the state.

The Tennessee Seal of 1876
This is a flyer depicting the 1876 design of the seal. The pictures surrounding it reflect the lifestyle and industries in particular raising livestock, ranching, farming and producing crops such as cotton.


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"Agriculture and commerce" seal
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