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Where is the Capital of Arkansas?
The Map of Arkansas (AR) shows the location of the state capital in the "Natural State". Arkansas has 75 counties, and the capital of the State is Little Rock. On a map, the capital city is always indicated by a star. Interesting fun facts about Little Rock including its history, location, county, current population, size of the city and the nickname of Little Rock, Arkansas.

"Little Rock"

The Map of Arkansas and map provides an outline of the state, which covers 53,182 square miles. The size of the state's capital city, Little Rock, is 116.2 square miles. Test your recognition skills of the map of the state, and knowledge of its capital, with our State Maps Quiz Game.

Map of Arkansas


Where is Little Rock located?
The location of Little Rock is the meeting of the Sacramento River and the American River in the north of the Central Valley. The city is located in Pulaski County.

Capital of Arkansas - Little Rock
Each of the 50 states have their own capital city. The city of Little Rock is the capital of the state. The capital does not have to be the largest city in the state, but is usually centrally located either geographically or by population.

The capital is the prominent city, in a political sense, as being the seat of the general government of the state where the state legislature, senate, governor, mayor and other state offices are located.

Map showing location of Arkansas in USA

Where is Arkansas? (AR)

The State of Arkansas is located in the south central United States


History & Facts on Little Rock, the Capital of Arkansas
The History and Fast, fun facts about Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas:

History & Facts about Little Rock, Arkansas - Fast Fact Sheet

Fact 1: The state covers 53,182 square miles and the size of the capital is 116.2 square miles

Fact 2: The Capital of the State is Little Rock which is the largest city. In 2011 Forbes magazine named the city of Little Rock as one of the cleanest cities in the USA

Fact 3: The population of the capital city - 196,537. Little Rock Nickname "Dogtown" and "Stuttgart"

Fact 4: The Bordering States to Arkansas are Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas

Fact 5: It is the county seat of Pulaski County, Arkansas

Fact 6: History - The capital city of Little Rock derives its name from a small rock formation on the south bank of the Arkansas River called la Petite Roche which means "the little rock" in French

Fact 7: History - The original "little rock" was dynamited and used as a foundation for a railroad bridge.

Fact 8: History - The famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh, made a stop in Little Rock in 1927, four months after he crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the "Spirit of St. Louis".

Fact 9: History - Little Rock became the capital of the Arkansas Territory in 1819 and of the state of Arkansas in 1836.

Fact 10: History - Little Rock's Old State House was built of handmade brick in 1836. The Old State House served as the state capitol for 75 years and is now a history museum.

History & Facts about Little Rock, Arkansas - Fast Fact Sheet

Facts about the Population of Little Rock, Arkansas
The number of people, or the population of the capital city of Little Rock, obviously changes constantly but the government statistics for the 2012 population of Little Rock was 196,537, which provides a good indication of the number of inhabitants of the city.

Little Rock, Arkansas - Homework Help for Kids
We hope that the interesting facts and information about Little Rock will help kids and school children with their homework. Learn more by playing the States and Capitals Game.


Capital of Arkansas - Little Rock

State map outline & location of capital
"The people rule" Arkansas motto
Facts, History, Size and Nickname for kids
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Little Rock the Capital of Arkansas
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Nickname "Dogtown" and "Stuttgart"
Little Rock the Capital of Arkansas for schools and kids

Capital of Arkansas - Little Rock

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