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Where is the Capital of Minnesota?
The Map of Minnesota (MN) shows the location of the state capital in the "North Star State". Minnesota has 87 counties, and the capital of the State is St. Paul. On a map, the capital city is always indicated by a star. Interesting fun facts about St. Paul including its history, location, county, current population, size of the city and the nickname of St. Paul, Minnesota.

"St. Paul"

The Map of Minnesota and map provides an outline of the state, which covers 86,943 square miles. The size of the state's capital city, St. Paul, is 56.18 square miles. Test your recognition skills of the map of the state, and knowledge of its capital, with our State Maps Quiz Game.

Map of Minnesota


Where is St. Paul located?
The location of St. Paul is on the banks of the Mississippi River in east central of Minnesota, 14 km east southeast of Minneapolis.. The city of St. Paul is located in Ramsey county, Minnesota.

Capital of Minnesota - St. Paul
Each of the 50 states have their own capital city. The city of St. Paul is the capital of the state. The capital does not have to be the largest city in the state, but is usually centrally located either geographically or by population.

The capital of St. Paul is the prominent city, in a political sense, as being the seat of the general government of the state where the state legislature, senate, governor, mayor and other state offices are located.

Map showing location of Minnesota in USA

Where is Minnesota? (MN)

The State of Minnesota is located in the north United States bordering on Lake Superior and on Manitoba and Ontario, Canada.


History & Facts on St. Paul, the Capital of Minnesota
The History and Fast, fun facts about St. Paul, the capital city of Minnesota:

History & Facts about St. Paul, Minnesota - Fast Fact Sheet

Fact 1: The population of the capital city St. Paul is 290,770 although the largest city is Minneapolis

Fact 2: The Capital of the State of Minnesota is St. Paul which was founded in 1854
Fact 3: The state of Minnesota covers 86,943 square miles and the size of the capital of St. Paul  is 56.18 square miles
Fact 4: It is the county seat of Ramsey county. St. Paul Nickname "The Twin Cities"

Fact 5: History - The original name of the settlement was Pig's Eye Landing

Fact 6: History - In 1841 a French priest, Lucien Galtier, renamed the settlement St. Paul after his favorite saint.

Fact 7: History - The city of St. Paul was named the capital of the Minnesota Territory in 1849

Fact 8: History - The city is known as the "Twin Cities," which form the core of Minneapolis–Saint Paul

Fact 9: History - The state capitol building was constructed in 1905 and was designed by Cass Gilbert

Fact 10: History - The Wabasha Street Caves which is now an underground event hall located in downtown St. Paul once served as a popular meeting place for people of ill repute

Fact 11: St. Paul's climate has four distinct seasons. Winters can be very cold, July is the warmest month of the year with an average daily temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

History & Facts about St. Paul, Minnesota - Fast Fact Sheet

Facts about the Population of St. Paul, Minnesota
The number of people, or the population of the capital city of St. Paul, obviously changes constantly but the government statistics for the 2012 population of St. Paul was 290,770, which provides a good indication of the number of inhabitants of the city.

St. Paul, Minnesota - Homework Help for Kids
We hope that the interesting facts and information about St. Paul will help kids and school children with their homework. Learn more by playing the States and Capitals Game.


Capital of Minnesota - St. Paul

Minnesota State map outline and capital map
"The Star of the North" Minnesota motto
Minnesota State Map and capital of St. Paul
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St. Paul the Capital of Minnesota
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St. Paul Nickname "The Twin Cities"

Map of Minnesota for schools, kids and children

Capital of Minnesota - St. Paul

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