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Salt Lake City, Utah (UT)

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Where is the Capital of Utah?
The map of the State official Utah (UT) shows the location of the state capital in the "Beehive State".  Utah has 29 counties, and the capital of the State is Salt Lake City. On a map, the capital city is always indicated by a star. Interesting fun facts about Salt Lake City including its history, location, county, current population, size of the city and the nickname of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

"Salt Lake City"

The Map of Utah and map provides an outline of the state, which covers 84,904 square miles. The size of the state's capital city, Salt Lake City, is 109.1 square miles. Test your recognition skills of the map of the state, and knowledge of its capital, with our State Maps Quiz Game.

Map of Utah


Where is Salt Lake City located?
The location of Salt Lake City is at the south eastern end of Great Salt Lake on the Jordan River east of the Wasatch mountain ranges. The city is located in Salt Lake county, Utah.

Capital of Utah - Salt Lake City
Each of the 50 states have their own capital city. The city of Salt Lake City is the capital of the state. The capital does not have to be the largest city in the state, but is usually centrally located either geographically or by population.

The capital is the prominent city, in a political sense, as being the seat of the general government of the state where the state legislature, senate, governor, mayor and other state offices are located.

Map showing location of Utah in USA

Where is Utah? (UT)

The State of Utah is located in the western United States.



History & Facts on Salt Lake City, the Capital of Utah
The History and Fast, fun facts about Salt Lake City, the capital city of the
"Beehive State":

History & Facts about Salt Lake City, Utah - Fast Fact Sheet
Fact 1: The Capital of the State of Utah is Salt Lake City, which is also the largest
Fact 2: The state covers 84,904 square miles and the size of the capital is 109.1 square miles
Fact 3: The population of the capital city is 189,314. Nickname "Crossroads of the West"
Fact 4: It is the county seat of Salt Lake county

Fact 5 on History: Native Indian tribes were the early inhabitants of the area, notably the Shoshone, Ute, and Paiute

Fact 6 on History: The town was founded in 1847 by Brigham Young (1801 1877) and a group of 148 Mormons as a refuge from religious persecution. Brigham Young was the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the first governor of the Utah Territory

Fact 7 on History: It was known as "Great Salt Lake City" until 1868. The word "great" was dropped from the official name by the 17th Utah Territorial Legislature

Fact 8 on History: The Mormons built the massive Temple (1853 - 1893) on Temple Square and the Mormon Tabernacle was opened in 1867

Fact 9 on History: The town prospered as a supply point for overland travel to California and was connected with the first transcontinental railroad by a line built 1869 - 1870 from Brigham Young to Ogden

Fact 10 on History: Salt Lake City became the Utah state capital in 1896.

Fact 10 on History: It was the host city of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

History & Facts about Salt Lake City, Utah - Fast Fact Sheet

Facts about the Population of Salt Lake City, Utah
The number of people, or the population of the capital city of Salt Lake City, obviously changes constantly but the government statistics for the 2012 population of Salt Lake City was 189,314, which provides a good indication of the number of inhabitants of the city.

Salt Lake City, Utah - Homework Help for Kids
We hope that the interesting facts and information about Salt Lake City will help kids and school children with their homework. Learn more by playing the States and Capitals Game.


Capital of Utah - Salt Lake City

Utah State map with capital Salt Lake City
"Industry" Utah State motto
Salt Lake City Fast facts and interesting information
Utah State Map outline with State capital
Interesting facts on Salt Lake City, Utah
Facts, History, Size and Nickname for kids
Salt Lake City Nickname "Crossroads of the West"

Salt Lake City, Utah -  Fast facts and information for schools, homework, kids and children

Capital of Utah - Salt Lake City

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