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Name the States & Capitals Quiz - FREE, NO DOWNLOAD, PLAY ONLINE
Play the 50 States and Capitals Capital Quiz Game - a great picture quiz-game with different rounds of questions! Multiple choice of questions about state capitals in different rounds. Our totally unique
States & Capitals Quiz game has been developed for kids and schools learning about the 50 States and state capital recognition. The 'States & Capitals Quiz Game' is a picture quiz with different rounds of picture quiz questions. The States & Capitals Quiz is totally free with no downloads - just click the link and start the States & Capitals Quiz game. Test your knowledge on the 50 State Capitals with our free, fun quiz

Small Picture of the Texas FlagSmall Picture of the Wyoming Flag


Are you sure? Are you REALLY Sure? Have fun playing the States & Capitals Quiz Game with pictures!


Name the States & Capitals Quiz - Picture Game, Multiple Choice Game Format
Play the 50 states Game! The rounds in the Name the State Capitals quiz can drive you crazy, so before you answer a 'States & Capitals Quiz' question make sure you are confident of your answer!

Small Picture of the Texas FlagSmall Picture of the Mississippi Flag

Name the States & Capitals Quiz
Friends, kids and family can join in the fun of our States & Capitals Quiz game - everyone enjoys playing the different rounds. Play and Learn with this fun US capital city quiz game! The States & Capitals Quiz game is in a Multiple Choice format, with lots of rounds of questions and answers. There's no typing, just point and click to the picture answer of your choice. There are questions on the State Capitals in each of the rounds of questions - how well do you know the US State Capitals?

Free Picture Quiz
Ideal for kids and schools
Questions based on States & Capitals
Multiple Choice Questions in different rounds

Play the States & Capitals Quiz and learn with this fun trivia quiz! The links on the menu bar provide in depth articles with interesting facts and information with large pictures about each of the Capitals of the 50 states of America - the perfect source of interesting facts and info to accompany the 'States & Capitals Quiz' game.

Play the 'States & Capitals Quiz' - Picture Quiz, Multiple Choice Game Format
Play and Learn with the States & Capitals Quiz! The States & Capitals Quiz proves that learning can be fun! The interesting way to learn about the Capitals of all the 50 states of the USA. Designed and developed for kids, children, schools,  teachers and parents. Everyone can join in the fun of our free States & Capitals Quiz Game - recognising the capitals and maps of the US States and learning the fast, fun and easy way. Test your knowledge of the 50 State capitals and your recognition skills by playing our fast, free States & Capitals Quiz.


Name the States & Capitals Quiz

Games Fun! States & Capitals Quiz game

Free, Online Multiple Choice Questions

Capitals cities of the 50 states for kids
Learn and have fun playing the rounds
Multiple Choice 50 states quiz game
US States Picture based Quiz Game for kids
Play the free States & Capitals Quiz
Capitals of all 50 states - Play and Learn Online!

States & Capitals Quiz

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