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American Flag Facts

American Flag Facts

American Flag Facts
This article contains interesting information and trivia with numerous American Flag Facts. Ideal as an education resource for kids, children and schools, or anyone interested in the most famous symbol of the United States of America. Discover answers to questions like "How many stars on the American flag" or "What is the history of the Stars and Stripes"

American Flag Facts - Fact Sheet
Discover fast, fun facts for kids in a helpful fact file format with this interesting fact sheet providing American Facts. A free educational resource for kids, children, schools and teachers. 


Fast American Flag Facts
Fast American Flag Facts - interesting information about the Stars and Stripes:

Info & American Flag Facts
Facts: Each year on June 14, the birthday of the Stars and Stripes is commemorated
Facts: The American Flag was 'born' on June 14, 1777.

Facts: The Second Continental Congress authorized a new American Flag to symbolize the new Nation of the United States of America

Facts: June 14 is not celebrated as a Federal holiday, but Americans continue to honor the history and heritage that the Stars and Stripes represents

American Flag Facts


American Flag Facts
The American Flag Facts provide random trivia and information about the Stars and Stripes? The American Flag Facts provide answers to questions like  "How many stars on the american flag?" or "What is the meaning of the Stars and Stripes?"  The colors and design is not arbitrary but has a definite symbolic meaning, so check out the American Flag facts to discover answers to all of your questions.

Top 10 American Flag Facts
The Top Ten American Flag Facts are provided on the following sheet:


Top 10 American Flag Facts

American Flag Fact 1:The 50 white stars represent the 50 states of America and symbolize honor, achievement and hope
American Flag Fact 2:

The canton (stars) are referred to as the "union"

American Flag Fact 3:The 13 stripes on the American Flag Facts represent the 13 original colonies, which are known as 'Old Glory'
American Flag Fact 4:Nicknames: It is also referred to as the Stars and Stripes, the Red, White and Blue, Old Glory, and the Star Spangled Banner.
American Flag Fact 5:

The red, white and blue colors are specifically referred to by the the Color Association of the United States (CAUS)  as "Old Glory Red", "Old Glory Blue" and white

American Flag Fact 6:The ratio is 1:5 meaning that it is 1 unit tall (the 'Fly' is the name for the length) for every 5 units wide (the 'Hoist' is the name for the width)
American Flag Fact 7:Elizabeth Griscom Ross, better known as Betsy Ross (1752-1836), is the woman recognized for sewing the first American Flag
American Flag Fact 8:Robert Heft is the name of the man credited with designing the current American Flag. The 1958 updated design by Robert Heft featured 50 stars.
American Flag Fact 9:Every time a State entered the Union another star was added to the ensign
American Flag Fact 10:The American Flag was officially adopted January 31, 1861

American Flag Facts 11 - 20
The display of US flagS serve as a symbol of honor, heritage and national pride and is displayed at all state buildings and many private homes, especially on holidays like Veterans Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day and on Independence Day. Facts 11 - 20 relate to interesting facts and events in history as described in the following sheet:


American Flag Facts 11 - 20

American Flag Fact 11:1777, June 14 - History: The Second Continental Congress passed a resolution saying: "Resolved, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation."
American Flag Fact 12:Problem! The resolution did not define how the stars should be displayed or how many points each of the stars should have. This resulted in a variety of different designs depicting 5 or 6 pointed stars and with stars arranged in rows but some depicted stars in a circle.
American Flag Fact 13:History: The 15 stars and 15 stripes design was adopted when Vermont and Kentucky were added to the original 13 Colonies.
American Flag Fact 14:History: Following the Civil War (1861 - 1865) additional stars were added every time a state achieved statehood.
American Flag Fact 15:History: Francis Bellamy, a Baptist Minister, wrote the original Pledge of Allegiance in 1892
American Flag Fact 16:History: In 1912 President Taft established proportions and provided for arrangement of the stars to be displayed in 6 horizontal rows of 8 each, a single point of each star pointing upwards
American Flag Fact 17:History: In 1942: President Theodore Roosevelt approved the Federal Flag Code
American Flag Fact 18:History: In 1959 President Eisenhower provided for the arrangement of the stars in 9 rows staggered horizontally and 11 rows staggered vertically
American Flag Fact 19:History: June 14 was designated Flag Day on August 3, 1949. The day to commemorates the anniversary of the original adoption of the Stars and Stripes
American Flag Fact 20:History: The Stars and Stripes first flew in a Flag Day celebration in Hartford, Connecticut during the first summer of the Civil War.

American Flag Facts 21 - 30
Our interesting Facts 21 - 30 relate to etiquette and protocol and are provided on the following sheet:


American Flag Facts 21 - 30

American Flag Fact 21:There is a special US code that details use and care of flags. This U.S. federal law document sets the standards in the way it should be used, displayed, folded and even disposed of!
American Flag Fact 22:The Code does not prescribe any penalties for non-compliance, it is a guide to be voluntarily followed by Americans who believe in respect and proper etiquette
American Flag Fact 23:The United States Code allows the President to make changes, or include any additional rules, to the code and protocol.
American Flag Fact 24:Etiquette: It should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor or water
American Flag Fact 25:Etiquette: It should never be used as an item of clothing, bedding, or drapery
American Flag Fact 26:US flags should never be used for advertising purposes
American Flag Fact 27:When flags are tattered or worn they are destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.
American Flag Fact 28:The are special rules and protocol for the displaying US flags in the rain, at night, in a classroom, at church, at home, outdoors, vertically and with State flags.
American Flag Fact 29:Every year the President is requested to issue a proclamation that calls for US Government officials to display flags of the United States of America on all Government buildings
American Flag Fact 30:The biggest of all the US Flags was made in Pennsylvania and measures 505 feet wide (153.9m) x 225 feet long (68.58m) and weighs in at 3,000 pounds (1,361 Kg)

American Flag Facts 31 - 40
Facts 31 - 40 are provided on the following sheet:


American Flag Facts 31 - 40

American Flag Facts 31:The method of folding US Flags requires 13 folds, each of which has been unofficially ascribed a highly significant and patriotic meaning.
American Flag Facts 32:The 13 folds are symbolic of life, the Christian religion, trust in God and eternal life. The meanings of the remaining folds pay tribute to the Armed Forces, the veterans, those who have died for their country and for their mothers and their fathers.
American Flag Facts 33:The specifications and dimensions of flags ensure that the Stars and Stripes are all correctly proportioned and the correct size.
American Flag Facts 34:The width of stripe is 0.0769 (One thirteenth of the flag width)
American Flag Facts 35:The diameter of stars is 0.0616
American Flag Facts 36:The most popular siizes are 2 3 ft. or 4 6 ft. (flag ratio 1.5), 2.5 4 ft. or 5 8 ft. (ratio 1.6), or 3 5 ft. or 6 10 ft. (ratio 1.667).
American Flag Facts 37:Flagpoles: There are recommended sizes of flagpoles relating to the flagpoles height (in feet) and the appropriates size of the flags (in feet):
American Flag Facts 38:The Pledge of Allegiance words are said as the salute to United States flags and are accompanied by the hand-over-the-heart gesture.
American Flag Facts 39:The patriotic Pledge of Allegiance honors the United States of America with its principles of freedom and justice for all.
American Flag Facts 40:The American's Creed is a statement of principles and beliefs that proclaims loyalty to America and was adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives April 3, 1918.

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