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Who was George Washington?
George Washington was the 1st President of the United States of America, the symbolic leader of the country. His presidency began in 1789 and ended in 1797. He was 57 years old when he first began his term of office on April 30, 1789.

George Washington's Nickname Meanings
His surname derives from the place name of Washington in Tyne and Wear, England where his family originated. He had a variety of nicknames including the Father of His Country, The American Cincinnatus, The American Fabius and the Town Destroyer. The 'American Cincinnatus' was a reference to the famous Roman who won a war but choose to become a citizen rather than seeking power. Fabius was a nickname in reference to another Roman General who was famous for his war strategies.


Description and Picture of George Washington
The picture of George Washington portrays an interesting image of what this famous man looked like. The picture shows the clothing and the hairstyle that was fashionable during his presidency. He is described as being an imposing figure standing at 6 feet 1.5 inches and he weighed 175lbs. He has a long thin face with a prominent nose. He had blue-gray eyes, a fair complexion and dark brown hair. The fashion was to wear a wig on formal occasions and this is how George Washington is normally pictured, with his wig tied at the back of his head. George Washington was a rich man a wore expensive, fashionable clothes. He lost his teeth and wore ill-fitting dentures that made speech difficult as he grew old.

Character and Personality Traits: What he like?
The personality of George Washington is described as being ambitious, reserved, moral, brave, serious and although usually easy to get along with his temper could erupt for short periods of time. George Washington was well known for being careful with his money.

"Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you
give them your confidence." George Washington quote

Facts about President George Washington and his Presidency
The important role and duties of the President of the United States of America include those of Chief of State, Chief Diplomat, Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, Legislative Leader and Leader of his own political party. What was George Washington famous for? Why was George Washington important? The history and life of President George Washington during his presidency is conveyed in the following fact file in an easy question and answer format. 

President George Washington Fact File - Political Career and Presidency
What President was George Washington?  
 He was the 1st President of the United States of America. The dates of his presidency began in 1789 and ended in 1797 (April 30, 1789 to March 3, 1797)
What was his political party?
 George Washington was the leader of the Federalist political party
What other political offices did George Washington hold before his presidency?
 The Virginia House of Burgesses, 1759-1774
 The Continental Congress, 1774-1775
 The Chairman of the Constitutional Convention, 1787-1788
Who was his Vice President and Secretary of State?
 His Vice President was John Adams (1789-97)
Secretary of State names: John Jay (1789-90),  Thomas Jefferson (1790-93), Edmund Randolph (1794-95) and Timothy Pickering (1795-97)
What were the main events and the major accomplishments of his presidency?
 The American Revolution War
 The Bill of Rights (1791)
 The Neutrality Proclamation (1793)
 The Whiskey Rebellion (1794)
 The Constitution of the USA
Who was George Washington' s first  lady?
 The name of the First Lady was Martha Dandridge Washington
President George Washington Fact File - Political Career and Presidency

Interesting Facts about the Private Life of George Washington
George Washington was famous for the events and accomplishments of his presidency, but what are the facts about the man and his private life. Facts and information about the private life of George Washington can be found in the following fact file in an easy question and answer format. 

George Washington Fact File - Facts about his Private Life
When and where was George Washington born?  
 He was born on February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia, where he was raised
What was the name of his father?
 The name of his father was Augustine Washington
What was the name of his mother?
 The name of his mother was Mary Ball Washington
Where was George Washington educated and what was his religion?
 George Washington was educated by home tutors
 Religion: Episcopalian
What did George Washington do before he became President of the United States?
 Before he became President he worked as a Surveyor, Farmer (Plantation Owner) and Soldier
Who was George Washington' wife and when did they marry? Did they have kids?
 The name of his wife was Martha Dandridge. They married January 6, 1759
  The couple never had children together but Martha had 4 children from her previous marriage, Her children were all from her first marriage. The names of her children were:
Daniel Custis (1751 - 1754)
Frances Custis (1753 - 1757)
John "Jacky" Custis (1754 - 1781)
Martha "Patsy" Custis (1756 - 1773)
When did George Washington die?
 George Washington died on December 14, 1799 in Mount Vernon, Virginia.
George Washington Fact File - Facts about his Private Life

President George Washington
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Video about George Washington
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