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Who was Gerald Ford?
Gerald Ford was the 38th President of the United States of America, the symbolic leader of the country. His presidency began in 1974 and ended in 1977. He was 61 years old when he first began his term of office on August 9, 1974.

Gerald Ford's Nickname Meanings
His birth name was actually Leslie Lynch King
, after his biological father. He was renamed after his adoptive father, Gerald Rudolph Ford, who he believed to be his real father till he was 17. He signed his name as 'Jerry Ford' in informal cards and letters. His nickname  Mr. Nice Guy was due to his clean-cut and non-partisan image. The nickname of Accidental President is a reference to his entry to the presidency following the demise and resignation of President Richard Nixon.


Description and Picture of Gerald Ford
The picture of Gerald Ford portrays an interesting image of what this famous man looked like. The picture shows the clothing and the hairstyle that was fashionable during his presidency. He is described as being slim, athletic and muscular, 6 feet in height and 190 pounds in weight. He has small, blue colored eyes and his hair was blond that turned slightly gray with age. He has a prominent, squishy nose and fair complexion. He has a bright smile that displayed his straight white teeth when he laughed. He was a stylish dresser and favored sporty clothes that complemented his athletic build.

Character and Personality Traits: What was Gerald Ford like?
The personality of Gerald Ford is described as extrovert, genial, considerate and friendly. He was direct approach, liked by many and disliked by few. His nickname  Mr. Nice Guy was due to his clean-cut, friendly and non-partisan image.

Facts about President Gerald Ford and his Presidency
The important role and duties of the President of the United States of America include those of Chief of State, Chief Diplomat, Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, Legislative Leader and Leader of his own political party. What was Gerald Ford famous for? Why was Gerald Ford important? The history and life of President Gerald Ford during his presidency is conveyed in the following fact file in an easy question and answer format. 

President Gerald Ford Fact File - Political Career and Presidency
What President was Gerald Ford?  
 He was the 38th President of the United States of America. The dates of his presidency began in 1974 and ended in 1977 (August 9, 1974 to January 20, 1977).
What was his political party?
 He was the leader of the Republican political party
What other political offices did Gerald Ford hold before his presidency?
 The U.S. House of Representatives, 1949-73
 Vice President, 1973-74 (under Richard Nixon)
Who was his Vice President?
 His Vice President was Nelson A. Rockefeller (1974-77)
What were the main events and the major accomplishments of his presidency?
 Richard Nixon granted an unconditional pardon (1974)
 The Campaign Reform Law (1974)
 The Communist victory in Southeast Asia (1975-1976)
 The Helsinki Agreement (1975)
What was Gerald Ford' nickname?
 His most famous nickname was "Mr. Nice Guy"
Who was Gerald Ford' s first  lady?
 The name of his First Lady was Betty Ford
President Gerald Ford Fact File - Political Career and Presidency

Interesting Facts about the Private Life of Gerald Ford
Gerald Ford was famous for the events and accomplishments of his presidency, but what are the facts about the man and his private life. Facts and information about the private life of Gerald Ford can be found in the following fact file in an easy question and answer format. 

Gerald Ford Fact File - Facts about his Private Life
When and where was Gerald Ford born?  
 He was born on July 14, 1913, in Omaha, Nebraska, where he was raised
What was the name of his father?
 The name of his father was Leslie Lynch King
What was the name of his mother?
 The name of his mother was Dorothy Ayer Gardner King Ford
Where was Gerald Ford educated and what was his religion?
 He was educated at the University of Michigan (1935) and Yale University Law School (1941)
 Religion: Episcopalian
What did Gerald Ford do before he became President of the United States?
 Before he became President he worked as a Lawyer and public official
Who was Gerald Ford' wife and when did they marry? Did they have kids?
 The name of his wife was Elizabeth "Betty" Bloomer Warren. They married on October 15, 1948
 The couple raised a family. The names of their children were Michael Gerald Ford; John Gardner Ford; Steven Meigs Ford; Susan Elizabeth Ford
When did Gerald Ford die?
 He died on December 26, 2006 in Rancho Mirage, California
Gerald Ford Fact File - Facts about his Private Life

President Gerald Ford
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Gerald Ford for Kids


Video about Gerald Ford
The facts about Gerald Ford provides an overview of the President's character and personality traits. Watch the video and learn more about the major events of his life and his accomplishments. The following Gerald Ford video is a useful educational resource for kids, children and schools learning about the life of the US President Gerald Ford.



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