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Who was Grover Cleveland?
Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th President of the United States of America, the symbolic leader of the country. His terms in office
were from 1885-1889 and from 1893-1897. He was 55 years old when he began his first term of office on March 4, 1885.

Grover Cleveland's Nickname Meanings
He was known by his middle name, his birth name was Stephen Grover Cleveland. He had a variety of nicknames including Uncle Jumbo, Grover the Good, The Sage of Princeton, His Obstinacy and the "Buffalo Hangman". Jumbo was a reference to a famous circus elephant and reflected the large size of the President. His Obstinacy nickname was due to applying the veto to more bills than all the combined first 21 presidents. The 'Hangman of Buffalo' - he was the Sheriff of Buffalo and he personally hung two murderers.


Description and Picture of Grover Cleveland
The picture of Grover Cleveland portrays an interesting image of what this famous man looked like. The picture shows the clothing and the hairstyle that was fashionable during his presidency. He is described as an imposing figure being 5 feet 11 inches in height and 260 pounds in weight. He had blue colored eyes and his hair was brown that turned slightly gray with age. He wore a distinctive long moustache. He was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth and underwent surgery. Part of his palate and his left upper jaw was removed and replaced with a prosthesis, an artificial device that kept the look of his face fully intact.  

Character and Personality Traits: What was Grover Cleveland like?
The personality of Grover Cleveland is described as a direct man who expressed his opinions in a blunt fashion. As a young man he had a bright, cheerful and genial personality but this changed significantly when he became weighed down with the responsibilities of his political career.

Facts about President Grover Cleveland and his Presidency
The important role and duties of the President of the United States of America include those of Chief of State, Chief Diplomat, Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, Legislative Leader and Leader of his own political party. What was Grover Cleveland famous for? Why was Grover Cleveland important? The history and life of President Grover Cleveland during his presidency is conveyed in the following fact file in an easy question and answer format. 

President Grover Cleveland Fact File - Political Career and Presidency
What President was Grover Cleveland?  
 He was the 22nd and 24th President of the United States of America. The dates of his presidencies were March 4, 1885 to March 3, 1889 and March 4, 1893 to March 3, 1897
What was his political party?
 He was the leader of the Democrat political party
What other political offices did Grover Cleveland hold before his presidency?
 Sheriff of Erie County, NY, 1870-73
 Mayor of Buffalo, NY, 1882
 Governor of New York, 1883-85
Who was his Vice President?
 His Vice Presidents were Thomas A. Hendricks (1885-89) and Adlai E. Stevenson (1893-97)
What were the main events and the major accomplishments of his presidency?
 Presidential Succession Act (1886)
 Dedication of Statue of Liberty (1886)
 Interstate Commerce Act (1887)
 Dawes Severalty Act (1887)
 Panic of 1893
 Chicago World's Fair (1893)
 Pullman's Strike (1894)
What was Grover Cleveland' nickname?
 His most famous nickname was "Uncle Jumbo"
Who was Grover Cleveland' s first  lady?
 The name of his First Ladies were Rose Cleveland and Frances Cleveland
President Grover Cleveland Fact File - Political Career and Presidency

Interesting Facts about the Private Life of Grover Cleveland
Grover Cleveland was famous for the events and accomplishments of his presidency, but what are the facts about the man and his private life. Facts and information about the private life of Grover Cleveland can be found in the following fact file in an easy question and answer format. 

Grover Cleveland Fact File - Facts about his Private Life
When and where was Grover Cleveland born?  
 He was born on March 18, 1837, in Caldwell, New Jersey, where he was raised
What was the name of his father?
 The name of his father was Richard Falley Cleveland
What was the name of his mother?
 The name of his mother was Anne Neal Cleveland
Where was Grover Cleveland educated and what was his religion?
 He had no formal education
 Religion: Presbyterian
What did Grover Cleveland do before he became President of the United States?
 Before he became President he worked as a xx
Who was Grover Cleveland' wife and when did they marry? Did they have kids?
 The name of his wife was Frances Folsom (1864-1947). They married on June 2, 1886
  The couple raised a family. The names of their children were Ruth Cleveland (1891-1904); Esther Cleveland (1893-1980); Marion Cleveland (1895-1977); Richard Folsom Cleveland (1897-1974); Francis Grover Cleveland (1903-1995)
When did Grover Cleveland die?
 He died on June 24, 1908, in Princeton, New Jersey
Grover Cleveland Fact File - Facts about his Private Life

President Grover Cleveland
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Video about Grover Cleveland
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