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Who was James Garfield?
James Garfield was the 20th President of the United States of America, the symbolic leader of the country. His term in office, his presidency,
was cut short by an assassination attempt by Charles Julius Guiteau which led to his death in 1881. He was 49 years old when he first began his term of office on March 4, 1881.

James Garfield's Nickname Meanings
James Abram Garfield was named after his father 'Abram Garfield' and after his older brother 'James Garfield' who had sadly died in infancy. He had a variety of nicknames including The Canal Boy, Boat Man Jim and The Preacher President. The canal and boat nicknames referred to his first jobs working on the canals of Cleveland, Ohio. He was also a preacher for about two years which led to his nickname The Preacher President.


Description and Picture of James Garfield
The picture of James Garfield portrays an interesting image of what this famous man looked like. The picture shows the clothing and the hairstyle that was fashionable during his presidency. He is described as being 6 feet in height and 184 pounds in weight. He had blue colored eyes and his hair was light brown that turned gray with age. He sported a long beard and moustache that were fashionable for his times. He had a smooth, high forehead and a large head.

Character and Personality Traits: What was James Garfield like?
The personality of James Garfield is described as gregarious, friendly, good natured man who mixed well with people. He used open, expressive gestures giving him the ability to make people believe they were important to him. Despite his out-going personality he lacked confidence and was always happy to receive praise and reassurance. He was ambitious and had a strong sense of destiny. Just before he was elected president he experienced a strong sense of foreboding about his future.

Facts about President James Garfield and his Presidency
The important role and duties of the President of the United States of America include those of Chief of State, Chief Diplomat, Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, Legislative Leader and Leader of his own political party. What was James Garfield famous for? Why was he important? The history and life of President James Garfield during his presidency is conveyed in the following fact file in an easy question and answer format. 

President James Garfield Fact File - Political Career and Presidency
What President was James Garfield?  
 He was the 20th President of the United States of America. The dates of his short presidency were March 4, 1881 to September 19, 1881
What was his political party?
 He was the leader of the Republican political party
What other political offices did James Garfield hold before his presidency?
 Ohio State Senate, 1859-61
 U.S. House of Representatives, 1863-80
 United States Senate, 1880
Who was his Vice President?
 His Vice President was Chester A. Arthur (1881)
What were the main events and the major accomplishments of his presidency?
 His short time was spent addressing issues following the Civil War and Reconstruction
 He advocated hard money policies backed by gold.
What was James Garfield' nickname?
 His most famous nickname was "Preacher President"
Who was James Garfield' s first  lady?
 The name of his First Lady was Lucretia Garfield
President James Garfield Fact File - Political Career and Presidency

Interesting Facts about the Private Life of James Garfield
James Garfield was famous for the events and accomplishments of his presidency, but what are the facts about the man and his private life. Facts and information about the private life of James Garfield can be found in the following fact file in an easy question and answer format. 

James Garfield Fact File - Facts about his Private Life
When and where was James Garfield born?  
 He was born on November 19, 1831, in Orange, Ohio, where he was raised
What was the name of his father?
 The name of his father was Abram Garfield
What was the name of his mother?
 The name of his mother was Eliza Ballou Garfield
Where was James Garfield educated and what was his religion?
 He was educated at Williams College (He graduated in 1856)
 Religion: Disciples of Christ
What did James Garfield do before he became President of the United States?
 Before he became President he worked as a Teacher and public official
Who was James Garfield' wife and when did they marry? Did they have kids?
 The name of his wife was Lucretia Rudolph (1832-1918). They married on November 11, 1858
  The couple raised a family. The names of their children were Eliza A. Garfield (1860-63); Harry A. Garfield (1863-1942) James R. Garfield (1865-1950); Mary Garfield (1867-1947); Irvin M. Garfield (1870-1951); Abram Garfield (1872-1958); Edward Garfield (1874-76)
When did James Garfield die?
 He died on September 19, 1881, in Elberon, New Jersey
James Garfield Fact File - Facts about his Private Life

President James Garfield
We hope that the picture, facts and information on President James Garfield will prove helpful to kids, school children and schools learning about the presidency of this famous American leader.


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James Garfield for Kids


Video about James Garfield
The facts about James Garfield provides an overview of the President's character and personality traits. Watch the video and learn more about the major events of his life and his accomplishments. The following video is a useful educational resource for kids, children and schools learning about the life of the US President James Garfield.



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