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Who was Lyndon Johnson?
Lyndon Johnson was the 36th President of the United States of America, the symbolic leader of the country. His presidency began in 1963 and ended in 1969. He was 55 years old when he first began his term of office on November 22, 1963.

Lyndon Johnson's Nickname Meanings
Lyndon Baines Johnson. He was given his first name after a family friend and lawyer 'W.C. Linden'. His mother changed the spelling from Lindon to Lyndon. Baines was his motherís maiden name. His famous nickname was LBJ. The Light-Bulb Lyndon nickname was because he hated wasting electricity, and went around the White House in a bad temper turning off unnecessary lights. 'Landslide Johnson' was due to the rumor that the voting was rigged when he was elected Democratic candidate for the Senate.


Description and Picture of Lyndon Johnson
The picture of Lyndon Johnson portrays an interesting image of what this famous man looked like. The picture shows the clothing and the hairstyle that was fashionable during his presidency. He is described as being 6 feet 3 inches in height and 200 pounds in weight. He had brown colored eyes and his hair was black that turned gray with age. LBJ was an attractive man in his youth with a strong cleft chin. His faced was carved with deep lines as he grew older. He was short sighted and required reading spectacles. Aware of his public image who also dressed smartly in expensive, fashionable clothes.

Character and Personality Traits: What was Lyndon Johnson like?
The personality of Lyndon Johnson is described as a forceful, competitive man, highly ambitious, stubborn and intent on getting his own way. LBJ was a multi-faceted individual and one described as being " gentle and solicitous as a nurse, but as ruthless and deceptive as a riverboat gambler". He enjoyed the power and influence that was afforded to him as President of the United States.

Facts about President Lyndon Johnson and his Presidency
The important role and duties of the President of the United States of America include those of Chief of State, Chief Diplomat, Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, Legislative Leader and Leader of his own political party. What was Lyndon Johnson famous for? Why was Lyndon Johnson important? The history and life of President Lyndon Johnson during his presidency is conveyed in the following fact file in an easy question and answer format. 

President Lyndon Johnson Fact File - Political Career and Presidency
What President was Lyndon Johnson?  
 He was the 36th President of the United States of America. The dates of his presidency began in 1963 and ended in 1969 (November 22, 1963 to January 20, 1969).
What was his political party?
 He was the leader of the Democrat political party
What other political offices did Lyndon Johnson hold before his presidency?
 Congressional Secretary, 1931-37
 U.S. House of Representatives, 1937-49
 United States Senator, 1949-61
 Vice President, 1961-63 (under John F. Kennedy)
Who was his Vice President?
 His Vice President was Hubert H. Humphrey (1965-69)
What were the main events and the major accomplishments of his presidency?
 The Vietnam War (1963 - 1969)
 The Civil Rights Act (1964)
 The introduction of Medicare and Medicaid (1965)
 The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated (1968)
 The Robert Kennedy assassinated (1968)
 The Pueblo Incident
What was Lyndon Johnson' nickname?
 His most famous nickname was "LBJ"
Who was Lyndon Johnson' s first  lady?
 The name of his First Lady was Lady Bird Johnson
President Lyndon Johnson Fact File - Political Career and Presidency

Interesting Facts about the Private Life of Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Johnson was famous for the events and accomplishments of his presidency, but what are the facts about the man and his private life. Facts and information about the private life of Lyndon Johnson can be found in the following fact file in an easy question and answer format. 

Lyndon Johnson Fact File - Facts about his Private Life
When and where was Lyndon Johnson born?  
 He was born on August 27, 1908, near Johnson City, Texas, where he was raised
What was the name of his father?
 The name of his father was Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr.
What was the name of his mother?
 The name of his mother was Rebekah Baines Johnson
Where was Lyndon Johnson educated and what was his religion?
 He was educated at Southwest Texas State Teachers College, now known as Texas State University-San Marcos and graduated in 1930
 Religion: Disciples of Christ
What did Lyndon Johnson do before he became President of the United States?
 Before he became President he worked as a teacher and public official
Who was Lyndon Johnson' wife and when did they marry? Did they have kids?
 The name of his wife was Claudia "Lady Bird" Alta Taylor (1912-2007). They married on November 17, 1934
 The couple raised a family. The names of their children were Lynda Bird Johnson (1944- ); Luci Baines Johnson (1947- )
When did Lyndon Johnson die?
 He died on January 22, 1973, near Johnson City, Texas
Lyndon Johnson Fact File - Facts about his Private Life

President Lyndon Johnson
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Video about Lyndon Johnson
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