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United States Map

United States Map
The large picture of the United States Map provides an overview of the location and names of all the states in America together with the name of each of the state capitals. The United States Map is ideal for kids to use in their school projects. When looking at the map it might prove useful to know some facts and information about the geography of United States Map.

Interesting Facts about United States Map and Geography
Facts about the geography of the United States Map:

Facts about United States Map

Fact 1:The United States is the third largest sized country in the world.
Fact 2:The United States has 50 states and each state has its own capital city
Fact 3:The size of the US, including water, is 3,794,083 square miles (9,826,630 sq km)
Fact 4:The Capital is Washington, D.C. and the largest city is New York city

United States Map - Planning the Nation's Capital
United States Map provides details of the outlines and the names of all 50 states. The names of the capital cities is also provided. The location of the capital cities are indicated by a star. The United States map conveys the size of the country - The width of the country East from San Francisco, California to the West, New York City is 2,582 miles (4,156 km). The length of the country from Alaska in the far North to the South is 4,970 miles (8,000 km).

United States Map

More Interesting Facts about United States Map and Geography
Facts about the geography of the United States Map:

Facts about the United States Map and its Geography

Fact 5:The Capital is Washington, D.C. and the largest city is New York City
Fact 6:The Smallest State is Rhode Island (1,545 sq. miles). Alaska is the biggest state (656,425 square miles)
Fact 7:The geographic center of the continent of North America is "6 miles west of Balta, Pierce County, North Dakota"
Fact 8:The geographic center of the 48 contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) is near the town of Lebanon, Kansas
Fact 9:The United States covers 16.5% of the Earth's Land
Fact 10:The Lowest Point is in Death Valley in California at -282 ft (-86m) below sea level
Fact 11:The Highest Point is Mt McKinley in Alaska which is 20,322ft (6,194m)
Fact 12:The United States is generally divided into Five regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and West
Fact 13:The Northeast states are Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts
Fact 14:The Southeast states are Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi
Fact 15:The Southwest states are New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas
Fact 16:The states in the West are Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii and Alaska
Fact 17:The Midwest states are Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska
Fact 18:The state of Alaska has the longest coastline in the United States at 6,640 miles (10,686 km)
Fact 19:The deepest lake in the U.S. is Crater Lake, Oregon at 1,932 feet (589 m). Crater Lake is the world's seventh deepest lake.
Fact 20:6.76% of the United States is covered by Water

History and Facts about United States Map
We hope that the above facts on the United States Map will prove helpful to kids, school children and schools.


United States Map for Kids

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United States Map for Kids

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