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The Connecticut State Flag
The State Flag of Connecticut features a shield on a blue background bearing 3 grape vines as displayed in the crest on the state seal. The three grapevines are believed represent the three colonies of New Haven, Saybrook and the Connecticut Colony. It serves as a symbol of honor, heritage and regional pride. There is a strict Order of Precedence for flags. State Flags are displayed in order as they entered the Union.

Date entered the Union:1788
Connecticut is the 5th state
Date the flag was adopted:1897


Facts on the Connecticut State Flag Etiquette
Facts and information about flying the ensign and the display of the Connecticut Flag:

Connecticut State Flag - Display Facts
Fact 1: It may be flown every day in the 5th state when weather permits
Fact 2: It may be flown from sunrise until sunset. If it is displayed outdoors in the "Constitution State", it should be flown from a flagpole

Fact 3: The Connecticut flag may be flown at night when properly lighted

Fact 4: The  flagpole may be at least two and one-half times as long as the ensign

Connecticut State Flag

Picture of Connecticut Flag


Connecticut State Car Flags
Car Flags are often displayed to represent of an individual's allegiance to their state. Connecticut State car flags are used by their owners as mobile emblems of their home. Car flags are usually made from strong materials and are attached to a car via a pole and clip window attachment.

History, Description, Colors and Symbols of the Connecticut State Flag
The Connecticut flag is the official identifying symbol of the state, the design of which is established by law in the constitution of the "Constitution State". What does the flag stand for? The colors, devices and emblems displayed on the Connecticut State Flag are not arbitrary but have a definite symbolic meaning. The description, history and meaning of the symbols and colors of the Connecticut State Flag are as follows:

Picture of Connecticut Flag

Capital: Hartford
Date of Statehood: 9 January 1788
(5th state)
"Constitution State"
Flag Ratio: 4:5

What is the design of the Connecticut state flag?  

The design is a blue rectangular shape with the centerpiece illustrating the grand Baroque style shield containing 3 grapevines. The white and yellow banner displays the state motto

What do the grapes symbolize?

In heraldry grapes symbolize liberality, fellowship, and peace and is associated with wine-making and abundance

 The 3 grapevines represented the first three colonies in the state and also symbolize religion, liberty, and knowledge
What are the colors and what do the colors mean, or symbolize, in heraldry?
 The color blue symbolizes vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice
 The color white is a symbol of peace and honesty
 The color yellow or gold is a symbol of the sun, generosity and wealth
What is the shape and flag ratio? The 'Hoist' is the width and the 'Fly' is the length.
 The ratio is 4:5 meaning it is 4 units tall for every 5 units wide.
Who designed the Connecticut State Flag?

The creation of the flag was inspired in 1895 by the Anna Warner Bailey Chapter of the daughters of the American Revolution

What is the history of the Connecticut State Flag? 

The crest was brought from England in 1639 by Colonel George Fenwick and it originally contained 15 grapevines


The crest was redesigned in 1784 and the 3 grapevines  are believed represent the 3 colonies of New Haven, Saybrook and the Connecticut Colony.

When was the Connecticut Flag adopted? (Most US flags were designed in 19th & 20th centuries)
 It was officially adopted September 9, 1897
The Connecticut flag is kept and used as required by the code specified in the constitution of the state.

Connecticut State Flag for Kids

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"He who transplanted sustains" motto
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Connecticut State Flag for Kids

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