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The Arizona State Flag
The State Flag of Arizona features a large central copper star, representing the copper mining industry, with 13 rays of the sun. It serves as a symbol of honor, heritage and regional pride and is displayed at state buildings. The Arizona Flag is also flown on national and state holidays and on any other days proclaimed by the governor. There is an Order of Precedence for flags. State Flags are displayed in order as they entered the Union.

Date entered the Union: 1912
Arizona is the 48th state
Date the flag was adopted:1917


Facts on the Arizona State Flag Etiquette
Facts and information about flying the ensign and the display of the Arizona State Flag:

Arizona State Flag - Display Facts
Fact 1: It may be flown every day in the 48th state when weather permits
Fact 2: It may be flown from sunrise until sunset. If it is displayed outdoors in the "Grand Canyon State", it should be flown from a flagpole

Fact 3: The Arizona flag may be flown at night when properly lighted

Fact 4: The flagpole must be at least two and one-half times as long as the flag

Arizona State Flag

Picture of Arizona Flag


Arizona State Car Flags
Car Flags are often displayed to represent of an individual's allegiance to their state. Arizona State car flags are used by their owners as mobile emblems of their home. Car flags are usually made from strong materials and are attached to a car via a pole and clip window attachment.

History, Description, Colors and Symbols of the Arizona State Flag
The Arizona flag is the official identifying symbol of the state, the design of which is established by law in the constitution of the "Grand Canyon State". What does the flag stand for? The colors, devices and emblems displayed on the Arizona State Flag are not arbitrary but have a definite symbolic meaning. The description, history and meaning of the symbols and colors of the Arizona State Flag are as follows:

Picture of Arizona Flag

Capital: Phoenix
Date of Statehood: 14 February 1912
(48th state)
"Grand Canyon State"
Flag Ratio: 2:3

What is the design of the Arizona state flag?  
 What does it look like? The design depicts the rays of the sun emanating from a large single star set on a blue field
 According to the ancient laws of heraldry a star symbolizes honor, achievement and hope.
What is the official description as detailed in the legislature?

"Blue and gold are the colors of Arizona. Red and gold are the colors carried by Coronado's Expedition of 1540 to the Seven Cities of Cibola. The blue is "liberty blue" identical to the color in the United States flag field of stars. Since Arizona is a western state the rays of the setting sun seemed appropriate. There are thirteen rays representing the original "thirteen colonies." The large copper star identifies Arizona as the largest producer of copper in the United States."

What are the colors and what do the heraldic colors symbolize?
 The specific color of the central copper colored star have not been set down in law

The color blue symbolizes vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice. The blue on the Flag represents Liberty

 The color yellow or gold is a symbol of the sun, generosity and wealth
What is the shape and flag ratio? The 'Hoist' is the width and the 'Fly' is the length.
 The ratio is 2:3 meaning it is 2 units tall for every 3 units wide.
Who designed the Arizona State Flag?
 The name of the designer was Colonel Charles Wilfred Harris
What is the history of the Arizona Flag? 
 Charles Harris was a Colonel in the Arizona National Guard and served as the captain of the unit's rifle team in 1910. The basic design of this flag was adopted by the state
 The history of the state is remembered by the colors of Francisco Vazquez de Coronado (1510 – 1554) the Spanish conquistador and explorer
 Coronado reached the "Seven Cities of Gold" called "Cíbola", but the rumors of the great riches were lies and there was no gold of treasure
 The first 13 colonies, represented by the 13 rays of the sun, were Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Bay Colony (which included Maine), New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island Providence Plantations.
When was the Arizona State Flag officially adopted by the state's legislature? (Most US flags were designed in 19th & 20th centuries)
 It was officially adopted in 1917
The Arizona flag is kept and used as required by the code specified in the constitution of the state.

Arizona State Flag for Kids

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Arizona State Flag for Kids

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