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The Arizona State Seal
The Great Seal of the State of Arizona serves as a symbol of authenticity which verifies that government documents and papers of state are official and legal in the "Grand Canyon State". The Arizona state seal is also an emblem that is representative of the state's origins, history, character and ideals. The following motto, reflecting the spirit of the state, is also incorporated in the Arizona state seal expressed in Latin as Ditat Deus which means:

"God enriches"

The Arizona state seal identifies government buildings and officials and the rays of the sun are also reflected in the Arizona state flag. The symbolism, history and emblems of the seal are described in this article.

Arizona State Seal


Facts on the Arizona State Seal
The men who designed the Great State seals were educated in the classics and were knowledgeable of art history and symbolism of heraldry. Fast, fun facts about the history and design of the Arizona State Seal:

Arizona State Seal Facts

Fact 1: President Abraham Lincoln approved a bill in 1863 creating the Territory of Arizona

Fact 2: It was first designed by Richard McCormick, the territory's Secretary

Fact 3: Design approved by First Territorial Legislative Assembly in 1864

Fact 4: Updated design adopted in 1879
Fact 5: Admission to the Union, 1912
Fact 6: Current design adopted 1912

President Abraham Lincoln


Description, Symbols, Icons and Emblems of the Arizona State Seal
The early economy of Arizona economy relied on the "five C's": Copper, cotton, cattle, citrus, and climate (tourism) and most of these are reflected in the imagery of the Arizona state seal. The description and meaning of the symbols, icons and emblems are as follows:

The images symbolize many of the key industries, climate & natural riches found in Arizona
The enlarged picture below view clarifies the symbols depicted on the seal
The image of the miner with his shovel and pick takes pride of place
Behind the miner is a picture of a quartz mill a reminder of the mining activities which included rich yields of copper, lead, zinc, silver and gold ore
A reservoir and dam represents the efforts for water reclamation to enrich the farming of the lands
The green fields were where the cotton and citrus trees were grown
The image of the cow represents the cattle farming industry
The hot climate is represented by the rays of the sun
The Arizona seal is kept and used as required by the Constitution and laws of the state.

Englarged picture of seal

First Arizona Territory Seals
The first territorial seal was designed in 1864 but this was replaced by a second design in 1879.
First Design - 1864Second Design - 1879

The first design of 1864 featured featured a bearded miner standing in front of a wheelbarrow, the second featured a deer centerpiece. The seal was originally designed by the journalist Richard McCormick who was appointed secretary of the Arizona Territory by President Abraham Lincoln. This first design by Richard McCormick was strongly criticised as it was said to resemble the image on the label on cans of Pioneer baking powder!

Picture of Pioneer baking powder label
Pioneer baking powder label

The current design contains elements of both the first and second images.

The Meaning of the Motto on the Arizona State Seal
The meaning of the motto on the Great Seal of Arizona reflects the deep Christian religious convictions of the early settlers of the land.


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