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The Georgia State Seal
The Great Seal of the State of Georgia serves as a symbol of authenticity which verifies that government documents and papers of state are official and legal in the "Peach State". The Georgia state seal is also an emblem that is representative of the state's origins, history, character and ideals. The following motto, reflecting the spirit of the state, is also incorporated in the Georgia state seal:

"Wisdom, justice, and moderation"

The Georgia state seal identifies government buildings and officials and is a centerpiece for the Georgia state flag. The symbolism, history and emblems of the Georgia seal are described in this article with fast facts and information.


Facts on the Georgia State Seal
The men who designed the Great State seals were educated in the classics and were knowledgeable of art history and symbolism of heraldry. Fast, fun facts about the history and design of the Georgia State Seal:

Georgia State Seal Facts
Fact 1: Officially adopted in 1799 which was the date that appeared on the Georgia seal
Fact 2: The designer was Daniel Sturges, the Surveyor General of Georgia
Fact 3: The design was approved by Governor James Jackson
Fact 4:  In 1914 the date was changed from 1799 to 1776 commemorating the date of Independence

Reverse Georgia State Seal


Description, Symbols, Icons and Emblems of the Front of the Georgia State Seal
The description and meaning of the symbols, icons and emblems on the obverse (front) side of the Georgia seal are as follows:

The arch that covers the three pillars symbolizes the Constitution of Georgia
The pillars represent the three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial.
In heraldry, columns or pillars symbolize fortitude and constancy

The duty of the legislative branch is to make laws. The executive branch makes the laws official and the judicial branch oversees the court system

The words "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation" are wrapped around the pillars

The pillars are guarded by a militia man wearing clothes dating from the American War of Independence standing with a drawn sword representing the defense of the Constitution of Georgia. In heraldry a pavilion symbolizes readiness for battle.

The Great Seal of Georgia is kept and used as required by the Constitution and laws of the state.

Reverse of the Georgia State Seal
The description and meaning of the symbols, icons and emblems on the reverse side of the Georgia seal depict the agriculture and commerce of the state, the main source of its early economy:

The ship is at anchor near a wharf in Georgia taking on board hogsheads of tobacco and bales of cotton reflecting the export of important commodities produced by the state

A tobacco hogshead was a large wooden used in colonial times to transport and store tobacco.

The farmlands depict a thriving peach tree and a flock of grazing sheep

The Georgia Seal of 1876
This is a banner showing the 1876 design of the seal. In this representation the pillars house images of the goddesses of Wisdom, Justice, Moderation. The lifestyle of the first people of the state are depicted as the Native Americans fishing and workers in the fields.


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Georgia State Seal

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